Super Mario Bros PC Cheats

Super Mario Bros

How to get to level/world 4 and 7:

Submitted by: RM

For level/world 4: Go on to the final castle on level/world 2 and
defeat bowser as mini mario. It does work i have done it.

For level/world 7: Go on to the final castle on world/level 5 and
defeat bowser as mini mario they both really work as i have tried
it and now have all levels/worlds.

How to get to 8-1 easaliy:

Submitted by: John

At 4-2 get to the first platform and the first block you see hit it
and a vine will pop out and to get to climb the vine under it will
be a invisible coin block hit it and then jump on it and climb up
the vine (note) this does not work with mega mario or fire mario.

To get to world 4:

Submitted by: Fox

In World 1 in the under ground spot, the end has moving platforms, on the ones
that go up, wait till u have reached the roof of the pipe house, run across it
till it says, "welcome to..." (I forgot) and go down the pipe that has the #4
over it, go down and there! u made it to world 4!

Super mario bros. original game - 125 lives:

Submitted by: jayflash

world 3/ stage 1. at the end of this stage there are some stairs and two turtles
are coming down them wait at the bottom and jump up right if done right then you
should jump repetedly on the turtle shell and you'll be racking up free man but
you'll stop at 125.