Battlefield 3 PC Cheats

Battlefield 3


Submitted by: David K.

Battlefield 3 Unlockables:

-=Complete Warrior (30 points)=-
Get a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Assault Rifle, Jet, Tank

-=Third Tour (20 points)=-
Get a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35.

-=Gunslinger (20 points)=-
Get 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons

-=Like a Boss (30 points)=-
Get a kill with the skid loader

-=Jaws (20 points)=-
Take a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming pool.

Multiplayer Kit Unlockables:

Using a kit as you play will level it up, just like your rank. Level up your kit to
unlock more kit exclusive weapons or gadgets. Battlefield 3 calls it a score, such as
Assault Score, but it's the same type of XP. The only difference is it's being directed
to a Kit.

The following lists show the amount of score you need for each unlock and the total
amount of score. Some weapons require multiple scores, according to the Battlelog on
Battlefield's website. It's not know which scores you need for those particular weapons.

-=Assault Kit

7,000 AS - Defibrillator
13,000 (20,000) AS - M416
21,000 (41,000) AS - M320
31,000 (72,000) AS - AEK-971
41,000 (113,000) AS - F2000
53,000 (166,000) AS - M26 MASS
66,000 (232,000) AS - AN-94
441,000 and 232,000 AS - G3A3
126,000, 441,000, and 232,000 AS - KH2002

-=Engineer Kit

7,000 ES - FIM-92 Stinger and SA-18 IGLA
13,000 (20,000) ES - M15 AT Mine
21,000 (41,000) ES - SCAR-H
31,000 (72,000) ES - EOD Bot
41,000 (113,000) ES - A-91
119,000 (232,000) ES - G36C
278,000 and 232,000 ES - SG553

-=Support Kit

6,000 SS - M249
11,000 (17,000) SS - C4
18,000 (35,000) SS - PKP Pecheneg
25,000 (60,000) SS - M224 Mortar
40,000 (100,000) SS - M240B
40,000 (140,000) SS - M18 Claymore
60,000 (200,000) SS - M60E4

-=Recon Kit

6,000 RS - SV98
12,000 (18,000) RS - T-UGS
18,000 (36,000) RS - SKS
27,000 (69,000) RS - SOFLAM
36,000 (99,000) RS - M40A5
47,000 (146,000) RS - MAV
57,000 (203,000) RS - M98B
252,000 and 203,000 RS - M39 EMR

How to Get 'Roadkill' Trophy:

In the third mission, Uprising, find the yellow cab on the side of a little cliff (this
is in an area overlooking a bunch of parked cars) that is over two enemy solders. Go up
to the car and press the action button to push it over onto the soldiers below. You will
get the Roadkill Achievement/Trophy.

Co-op mode bonuses:

Reach the indicated amount of points to unlock the corresponding weapon.

93R - 86,000 points.
G3A3 for Assault class - 160,000 points.
KH2002 for Assault class - 17,000 points.
M39 EMR for Recon class - 58,000 points.
MP412 REX - 5,000 points.
MP7 - 34,000 points.
SG553 for Engineer class - 120,000 points.

Mirror's Edge Easter Eggs:

There are several Easter Eggs and references to Mirror's Edge. In Death Valley, a runner
bag can be found in a container suspended by a crane on a skyscraper. The game's theme
song can also be heard coming from a cell phone in the bag. In Markaz Monolith, Faith's
shoes can be found on the edge of a skyscraper, with it possible to also hear her breathing
after listening closely. In Operation Metro, there is a blue sign overhead saying "Faith
Connors" and "Catherine", referencing Faith and her sister, Kate. There is also another
runner bag hidden deeper in the area.

Battlefield 1942 tank easter egg:

This easter egg works only in Team Deathmatch or Squad Deathmatch. When spawning in
the russian side, going north, in the corner of the map (SouthWest) there is shop
like building with 2 small walls. Shooting the left one with Rocket Launcher shows
up small room with M4 Sherman and 3 posters (PC/X360) and 4 on PS3.
The Battlefield 1942 themesong can be heard.